Colorado PUC Sets Savings Target 20% Higher than Proposed Settlement

In late 2017, Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club (NRDC/SC) engaged Managing Consultant Jim Grevatt to provide expert witness testimony in Public Service Company of Colorado’s (PSCo) Strategic Issues proceeding before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). PSCo recommended that energy efficiency savings should be reduced from previous levels because it is getting harder to find cost-effective savings opportunities. In his testimony, Jim provided analysis that demonstrated the availability of considerably more savings than PSCo suggested would be possible, while also illustrating the economic and environmental benefits that energy efficiency provides for utility ratepayers.

Most of the parties to the proceeding entered into a settlement agreement proposing a 400 GWh annual savings goal, but on the strength of Jim’s evidence NRDC/SC did not settle, and through effective cross-examination of PSCo and supported in large part by Jim’s compelling in-person testimony at hearing, the PUC did not accept the settlement and set a 500 GWh annual savings target—20% higher than PSCo’s previous savings targets and the savings target proposed in the settlement.