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Who We Are

We bring to our work a unique combination of technical, economic, program and policy expertise.


Our Mission

Energy Futures Group is committed to transforming our energy system to one that is clean, efficient, renewable, safe, affordable and equitable.  We achieve this by bringing a unique combination of technical, economic, program and policy experience to bear on some of the world’s most critical energy problems.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to create communities that use clean energy as efficiently as possible.


Expert Energy Efficiency and
Renewable Energy Consulting


We Have Decades of Experience with a Cutting Edge Understanding of Clean Energy

Energy Futures Group (EFG) is a clean-energy consulting firm headquartered in Hinesburg, Vermont, with offices in Boston and New York. EFG designs, implements, reviews, and evaluates programs and policies to promote investments in efficiency, renewable energy, other distributed resources, and strategic electrification. EFG staff have delivered projects on behalf of energy regulators, government agencies, utilities, and advocacy organizations in 42 states, 8 Canadian provinces, and several countries in Europe.


EFG brings to its work a unique combination of technical, economic, program, and policy expertise. EFG staff have critically reviewed and contributed to hundreds of efficiency and renewable energy programs, playing key roles in developing many that have subsequently won awards for excellence. Recent work involves efficiency program portfolios and policies in 19 of the top 20 states on the ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, as well as in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia. EFG staff have provided expert witness testimony on efficiency programs, integrated resource planning, and related policy issues in regulatory proceedings in 20 states and 5 Canadian provinces.


We have also published reports on the feasibility of achieving 30% electricity savings in 10 years, lessons learned from leading residential retrofit programs in North America and Europe, U.S. experience with using geographically targeted efficiency programs to defer T&D upgrades, experience with bidding of efficiency into New England and PJM capacity markets, key pitfalls that can be encountered in performing potential studies, assessments of the effectiveness of leading efficiency financing initiatives and a variety of additional energy efficiency topics.


Our staff also have extensive expertise in renewable energy, including the development of renewable portfolio standards (RPS), feed-in-tariffs, net metering standards, permitting requirements, tax structures and other state policies, as well as the design and management of a statewide customer-sited renewable energy rebate program for hydro, solar, biomass and wind technologies. We have a particular interest and experience in integrating promotion of efficiency and renewables. For example, we are currently designing and managing a unique pilot program which would simultaneously promote home efficiency improvements, fuel-switching to high performance electric heat pumps and pellet heating systems, and installation of sufficient photovoltaic capacity to meet resulting electric demands.

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Our staff has served on the Board of Directors of Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and the Program for the Evaluation and Analysis of Residential Lighting (PEARL); the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA’s) national quality installation committee; Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships’ Evaluation, Measurement and Verification forum committees, municipal utility commissions and renewable energy non-profits, as well as other various regional and national efficiency forums. They have also taught courses on efficiency program design and implementation for both Affordable Comfort and AESP and presented on numerous stages regarding renewable energy expansion and deployment opportunities and challenges.

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