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Dan specializes in the design, planning and administration of energy efficiency programs, with an emphasis on commercial and industrial sectors. He provides technical consultative services on efficient technology capabilities, market analysis, technology adoption, energy savings potential, industry standards, training, and financing. He is experienced in the policy and regulation of goal setting, budgets, annual reporting, and performance incentives. Dan has consulted on hundreds of commercial efficiency projects across many jurisdictions nationwide and has designed and administered industry-leading commercial lighting programs. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, is a licensed Professional Engineer, is a Certified Energy Manager, and is Lighting Certified.


  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1999


  • Professional Engineer (PE) – Vermont, 2006
  • Lighting Certified (LC) – National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions, 2009
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM) – Association of Energy Engineers, 2008
  • Leadership and Management Professional Certificate – University of Vermont, 2013



Principal, Energy Futures Group, Hinesburg, VT


Senior Consultant, Energy Futures Group, Hinesburg, VT


Senior Strategic Planner, VEIC, Burlington, VT


Efficiency Vermont Commercial Lighting Lead, VEIC, Burlington, VT


Efficiency Vermont Business Energy Consultant, VEIC, Burlington, VT


Semiconductor Manufacturing Engineer, IBM, Essex Junction, VT

Selected Projects

    • DesignLights Consortium (DLC). Conduct research for and provide technical assistance on the evolution of Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Technical Requirements, Version 5.0. Incorporate LED product requirements that enable the integration of networked lighting controls. (2018 to present)


    • DLC. Drafted and published product adoption and energy savings forecasts for commercial and industrial LED lighting and networked lighting controls. (2018)


    • Alliance to Save Energy. Conducted research and published a report on lifetime savings potential, peak demand savings potential, and cost effectiveness of commercial LED and networked lighting controls. (2019)


    • Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Senior advisor on a market assessment of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls. Perform secondary data analysis, energy code review, and indepth interviews of relevant market actors. (2019 to present)


    • Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council. Provide technical consultative insights on commercial and industrial energy-saving programs and measures. (2018 to present)


    • Rhode Island Energy Efficiency & Resource Management Council. Provide technical consultative insights on commercial and industrial energy-saving measures. Advise on new technologies, programs, and models for accelerating innovation in achieving aggressive energy savings. (2018 to present)


    • Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board. Provide technical consultative insights on commercial and industrial energy-saving programs and measures. Lead technical consultant to the Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) team. (2018 to present)


    • California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority. Provide technical assistance on the design and implementation of commercial energy efficiency financing pilots. (2017 to present)


    • Citizens Action Coalition (Indiana). Critically review and deliver testimony on market potential study findings, action plans, and multi-year DSM plans for several utilities. Delivered and defended testimony quantifying the potential for higher levels of energy efficiency as an alternative resource to a proposed 850 MW natural gas plant. (2018-present)


    • Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy. Delivered and defended testimony quantifying the potential for higher levels of energy efficiency as an alternative resource to a proposed 525 MW natural gas plant. (2018)


    • Natural Resources Defense Council (Michigan and Colorado). Critically reviewed multi-year demand side management (DSM) plans filed by Michigan and Colorado utilities. Delivered and defended regulatory testimony on energy efficiency potential. (2017-2018)


    • Technical Reference Manual Development (Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, DC). Developed commercial lighting TRM characterizations for Efficiency Vermont prescriptive and midstream programs. Technologies addressed: LED lamps and fixtures, fluorescent lamps and fixtures, and lighting controls. Contributed to TRM lighting measure characterizations in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Washington, DC. (2011-2017)


    • Efficiency Vermont Technology Roadmap. Created a 3-year, comprehensive emergingtechnology planning roadmap for Efficiency Vermont. Roadmap addressed technologies and residential, commercial, and industrial customer classes. Designed an interactive and dynamic Excel roadmap platform. (2017)


    • Vermont Demand Resources Plan. Developed a 20-year forecast of efficiency potential from commercial and residential lighting for the Vermont Demand Resources Plan (DRP). Forecast metrics: adoption, energy and demand savings, and incentive spending. The Vermont Public Utility Commission uses the DRP to set Efficiency Vermont’s 3-year budgets and goals. (2016-2017)


    • DLC LED Qualification Program. Contributed toward the concept, launch, and growth of the DLC LED qualification program, in collaboration with Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) and regional utilities. Lead technical advisor on specification development. (2010-2016)


    • Vermont Efficiency Excellence Network. Supported the design and launch of the Efficiency Excellence Network for Efficiency Vermont trade allies. Helped establish trade group participation criteria, assisted in trade ally recruiting, and delivered program and technical training. (2013-2016)


    • Efficiency Vermont Midstream Lighting Program. Contributed to the design of, and eventually administered, the nation’s first commercial lighting midstream program. Continuously expanded and evolved the program to keep pace with emerging technology and market changes. Managed distributor relationships and increased participation to 100% of electrical distributors. (2009-2016)


    • Lighting Design Program. Created a program that pairs Vermont commercial customers with professional lighting designers on retrofit projects to improve comprehensiveness. The resulting energy savings per project increased 50% compared to typical lighting retrofits. (2010-2016)


    • Statewide Municipal Street Lighting Program. Assisted in the design and launch of a partnership between Vermont municipalities and utilities for upgrading street lighting to LED. Used financial strategies to address the non-depreciated asset costs while minimizing the municipality investment cost. Provided technical support to the program administrator and municipalities. (2010-2014)


    • Vermont Commercial Lighting Market Analysis. Used data analytics to evaluate and forecast product adoption and energy savings potential in the Vermont commercial lighting market. Developed new program strategies based on the data insights. (2013-2016)


    • LED Direct Install Program. Designed and launched an LED direct install program for small and medium-sized businesses in Vermont. Targeted customers who were in capacity constrained areas of the electric grid in an attempt to avoid costly infrastructure investments. Responsible for RFP management, contractor selection, budgeting, and performance management. (2013)

Selected Publications





    • Mellinger, Dan. 2014. Lighting Efficiency Programs: Second Half Strategies. LD+A, October.


    • Mellinger, Dan, and Connie Samla. 2013. Maximizing ROI Through Good Design. LD+A, April.


    • Arnold, Gabe, Mike Burke, Dave Lahar, Dan Mellinger, and Paul Markowitz. 2012. A Win-Win-Win for Municipal Street Lighting: Converting Two-Thirds of Vermont’s Street Lights to LED. ACEEE Summer Study. https://aceee.org/files/proceedings/2012/start.htm.


    • Baldacci, Kate, Eileen Eaton, Rebecca Foster, Dan Mellinger, Margaret Song, and Liesel WhitneySchulte. 2010. Defining a Framework for Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Lighting Programs. ACEEE Summer Study. https://aceee.org/files/proceedings/2010/start.htm.

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