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Jim Grevatt brings over 25 years’ experience as a leadership professional in energy efficiency program operations to his consulting practice. At Energy Futures Group Jim has advised regulators, program implementers, and advocates in Colorado, Nevada, British Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, North Carolina, California, Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, and New Hampshire, and has provided expert witness testimony in eight of those jurisdictions. Jim has hands-on experience with industry-leading markets-based approaches to designing and managing energy efficiency programs, including multi-family, low income, residential retrofit, new construction, HVAC, and efficient products programs. In past leadership roles at Efficiency Vermont, the DCSEU, and Vermont Gas, Jim had overall responsibility both for program design and operations. He was responsible for finding successful consensus approaches among diverse groups of partners and stakeholders, and for policy interactions with regulators, assuring that program processes were efficient and effective. Jim is also a certified Gaga teacher based in New York City. Gaga is an innovative and constantly evolving movement language developed for dancers and non-dancers alike.


  • B.F.A., University Honors, University of Illinois



Managing Consultant, Energy Futures Group, Hinesburg, VT


Director, Targeted Implementation, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., Burlington, VT


Director, Residential Energy Services, District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility


Managing Consultant, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, Burlington, VT


Director, Residential Services, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., Burlington, VT


Manager, Energy Services, Vermont Gas Systems, S. Burlington, VT


Manager, Residential Energy Services, Vermont Gas Systems, S. Burlington, VT


Manager, HomeBase Retrofit Program, Vermont Gas Systems, S. Burlington, VT


Technical Specialist, Vermont Gas Systems, S. Burlington, VT


Technical Specialist, Champlain Valley Weatherization Program, Burlington, VT

Selected Projects

    • Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club. Provided expert witness testimony in Public Service Company of Colorado’s Strategic Issues proceeding and Nevada Power Company’s 2019-2038 Triennial Integrated Resource Plan and 2019-2021 Energy Supply Plan. (2017-present)


    • California Alternative Energy and Advance Transportation Financing Authority. Provide technical assistance on development of commercial energy efficiency financing pilot. (2017 to present)


    • Environmental Law & Policy Center and Iowa Environmental Council. Provided expert witness testimony in DSM proceedings regarding MidAmerican Energy Company’s and Interstate Power and Light’s 2019-2023 Energy Efficiency Plans. (2018)


    • Pueblo County Colorado. Provided expert witness testimony in DSM proceedings regarding Black Hills Energy Company’s 2019-2021 DSM Plan. (2018)


    • Sierra Club. Provided expert witness testimony in proceedings regarding Kentucky Power Company’s DSM programs and cost-effectiveness. (2017-2018)


    • Coalition of Maryland Energy Efficiency Advocates. Prepared written comments and multiple appearances before the Commission to present evidence regarding Maryland utilities’ EmPOWER Maryland energy efficiency plans, and in additional proceedings related to utility goal-setting, cost-effectiveness testing, best-practices in low-income programs, and energy efficiency financing. (2014-present)


    • Sierra Club of British Columbia and British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association. Provided expert witness testimony in DSM proceedings with Fortis BC and BC Hydro. (2017-2018)


    • New Jersey Clean Energy Program. Planning Team Lead for F2018-F2022 Strategic Plan Facilitated focus groups, worked with Board of Public Utilities Staff, program administrators, utility companies, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve NJCEP strategic direction and increase benefits for ratepayers. Lead author drafting strategic plan. (2015-present)


    • Better Buildings Solutions Center, U. S. Department of Energy. Energy Futures Group’s lead author in drafting and reviewing web content for ten how-to “handbooks” detailing proven approaches to designing and implementing residential retrofit efficiency programs. (2013-2014)


    • DC Sustainable Energy Utility.Led the planning and startup implementation of Residential programs for the DC SEU, including single and multi-family and retail market programs. (2011-2012)


    • Efficiency Vermont Residential Programs. Responsible for strategic direction, leadership, and results for Efficiency Vermont’s award-winning residential retrofit, new construction, retail, and low-income programs. (2005-2010)


    • Vermont Gas Systems. Efficiency Program Leader- Directed strategic planning and program operations that led to six programs being recognized as exemplary in Responding to the Natural Gas Crisis: America’s Best Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Programs (ACEEE, 2003). (2001-2005)


Selected Presentations

    • Keys to the House: Unlocking Residential Savings with Program Models for Home Energy Upgrades. ACEEE 2016 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, August, 2016


    • EERS Advancements in Maryland: EmPOWER After 2015. Presentation at ACEEE Energy Efficiency as a Resource Conference, September, 2015


    • Residential Retrofit Programs: What’s Working? Perspectives from National Program Leaders. Panelist at AESP National Conference 2012


    • Elements of Retrofit Program Incentive Design. DOE Technical Assistance Program Publication, April, 2011


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