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Here is where you can find recent blog posts about energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
that we have worked on, as well as developments in the industry.



Energy Futures Group provides expert consulting services informed by national and international experience in the design and evaluation of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other clean energy programs and policies.

We have assisted in the development or engaged in the review of numerous leading programs, including 8 of the Top 10 states in the ACEEE State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and several countries in Europe.  We know what works, what does not and why.

Policy Development

EFG creates regulatory or legislative policies, administrative structures for program implementation, incentives, cost-effectiveness tests, equipment efficiency standards, and building energy codes.

Energy Planning

We develop and critically review integrated resource plans, both through modeling and other forms of analyses; demand-side management plans; distribution system plans, with particular emphasis on analysis of non-wires alternatives; strategic electrification plans; and carbon emission reduction plans.

Energy Analysis

We develop and critically review costs and savings estimates (e.g. Technical Reference Manuals), as well as forecast market potential for energy efficiency, renewable energy and strategic electrification measures and programs.

Program Design

We design and critique programs with an emphasis on cutting edge strategies that are necessary to achieve deep levels of participation, savings, and clean energy deployment.

Program Implementation

Our staff assists with annual program goals and budgets, selection and oversight of implementation contractors, presentation of programs to key trade allies, and technical trouble-shooting.

Expert Witness Testimony

We provide expert testimony on planning, prudence, and program design proposals related to both supply and demand-side energy resources.



Our staff has extensive experience in a broad spectrum of issues related to the planning and operations of regulated utilities.  Our work covers both supply and demand-side energy resources and the policies and market structures under which they operate.



EFG has worked with program administrators, government agencies, the renewable energy industry, and advocates, including these organizations: