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Zack Tyler has 15 years of experience in the energy industry with a focus on energy efficiency program evaluation, market research, and market transformation efforts. He specializes in building decarbonization and building energy codes, having held certifications as a HERS rater, Passive House Consultant, BPI MF Building analyst, and Infrared Thermographer. Zack led all residential new construction and codes and standards evaluations in Massachusetts for nearly a decade. Most recently he led various building decarbonization research activities for the California Public Utilities Commission, focusing on residential heat pump impacts and market research for gas-to-electric space and water heating conversions across all sectors. Zack has contributed to research in a wide range of jurisdictions across the United States and Canada and is adept at working with wide ranging stakeholder groups. He holds a BA from the University of Colorado in Environmental Studies and an MA from Boston University in Energy and Environmental Analysis.


  • M.A., Energy and Environmental Analysis, Boston University, 2010
  • B.A., Environmental Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008


  • HERS Rater – RESNET, 2010-2022
  • Certified Passive House Consultant – PHIUS, 2019-2022
  • Multifamily Building Analyst – BPI, 2014-2017
  • Level I Certified Building Investigations Infrared Thermographer – FLIR, 2012-2017
  • Residential Air Balancing & Diagnostic Technician – National Comfort Institute, 2011-2013



Managing Consultant, Energy Futures Group


Senior Director, Opinion Dynamics


Director of Building Science, NMR Group


Senior Project Manager, NMR Group


Project Manager, NMR Group


Research Analyst, NMR Group


Research Associate, NMR Group

Selected Projects

  • California Public Utilities Commission. Fuel Substitution Infrastructure Cost Study. Led a study identifying the needs and costs associated with electrical infrastructure upgrades required for gas to electric space and water heating conversions in the residential and nonresidential building sectors. 2023-2024.


  • California Public Utilities Commission. TECH Clean California Impact Evaluation. Served as the impact evaluation lead for the TECH Clean California building decarbonization pilot. Coordinated end-use metering and AMI consumption analysis activities. 2023-2024.


  • Massachusetts Program Administrators. Residential New Construction Evaluations. Served as the overall lead for all RNC evaluations for a decade in Massachusetts. Evaluations included baseline studies, incremental cost studies, potential savings modeling, and net-to-gross evaluations, among others. 2012-2022.


  • Massachusetts Program Administrators. Codes and Standards Evaluations. Served as the overall lead for all Codes and Standards evaluations for a decade in Massachusetts. Evaluations include code compliance methodology development, compliance rate assessments, and compliance support training evaluations. 2012-2022.


  • Vermont Public Service Department. Residential Baseline Studies. Led multiple rounds of residential baseline studies in Vermont. These included single-family and multifamily building types and covered both existing and new construction segments. 2013-2020.


  • Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board. Weatherization Baseline Study. Helped lead a study assessing baseline compliance with the state’s weatherization standard among single-family homes. 2013.

Selected Publications

    • International Energy Program Evaluation Conference – Denver, CO 2019. Pushing the market: Measuring market effects in residential new construction.


    • International Energy Program Evaluation Conference – Denver, CO 2019. Giving credit where credit is due: Assessing attribution and savings from a building energy code compliance enhancement program.


    • ACEEE Summer Study – Asilomar, CA 2018. Polishing a hidden gem: A novel evaluation method for energy codes and standards.


    • International Energy Program Evaluation Conference – Baltimore, MD 2017
      How’s that for performance? Changes in new construction practices over time.


    • ACEEE Summer Study – Asilomar, CA 2016. How do enhanced code requirements influence compliance and building efficiency? A Massachusetts case study.


    • DOE Building Technologies Office Peer Review Conference – Tysons, VA 2015. Just what do you mean by “Weatherized”? Assessing and Achieving a Statewide Weatherization Target.

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